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All Recipes and Posts Tagged kids snacks

how to make bread pizza

Bread Pizza Recipe – Kids Special

Average Rating: (5 / 5)

Bread pizza is made with toasted bread slices as pizza base and some toppings including ...

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Beetroot Murukku Recipe | How to make murukku

Average Rating: (5 / 5)

Healhty and crunchy beetroot murukku. Murukku is actually originated from TamilNadu. Murukku is a very ...

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Sugiyan Recipe | How to Make Sukhiyan

Average Rating: (5 / 5)

Sukhiyan is one of my favorite dish which I used to prepare at least once ...

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butter murukku recipe

Butter Murukku | Easy butter murukku recipe with step by step photos

Average Rating: (5 / 5)

I started making murukku for my son as he always wants something to eat especially ...

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whole wheat puri kids-special

Whole wheat Crispy Puri | Kids Special

Recipe Type: , Cuisine:
Average Rating: (3.5 / 5)

Snacks are inevitable part of our diet. More than we elders kids wants snacks everyday. ...

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Health Benefits of Dates

By: Hygeena Shameer | Comments Off on Health Benefits of Dates | | Category: Food Facts, Health, Health Benefits | Tags : , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


Health benefits of dates are tremendous. Dates are rich in many vital nutrients and therefore offer many health benefits like relief from constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems, anemia, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, abdominal cancer, and many other conditions. Dates also contains essential minerals like calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper... more

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